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25 April 2017

About Us

About Gilan Rice

The best Rice & Tea Provider in Gilan

Years ago when the world population was under a billion there were a vast number of rich agricultural lands which guaranteed the  nutritional future and continued growth of human race. Now days that the population of the world is over six billion utilizing the  same agricultural properties new innovations are required to creat and grow crops to respond to the ever increasing world  population orface world hunger and wars.

This is where knowledge reaches out to help agriculture by replacing the traditional  all human labor agriculture with fll automation in every aspect more crops from the same land but it had it’s downfall also since in  the process of automation in order to produce more crop from the same size land the gene of the crop was  manipulated and off  course  it resulted in the increase of the product but the quality lost to quantity and the final product was never the same as it waswith traditional agriculture.

This is why in toda’s world many peopel constantly looking for “ORGANIC” products and they spend lost of time and mony to find them. The good news is there are still countries who care a bout the orginality and quality of their agricultural products and use traditional methods to produce organic agricultural products. Gilan Rice LLC is a Texas registered corporation company who has vast information  about problems mentioned here and aware of the countries who use traditional agricultural means to create organic products and with this knowledge has entered the import and export of such products such a  fine Persian Rice and tea with no additives or gene manipulation. We raise our hope to grow our company with the help of those  who appreciate the original and natural taste and aroma  of Persian rice and tea.

Sincerely Mehrdad Houshidari

President of gilan Rice

Q: آیا میدانید...؟

نوشیدنی چای با دم کردن برگها، جوانه‌ها یا شاخه‌های فرآوری شده بوته چای به مدت چند دقیقه درآب داغ درست می‌شود. فرآوری آن می‌تواند شامل اکسیداسیون، حرارت دهی، خشکسازی و افزودن گیاهان، گلها، چاشنیها و میوه‌های دیگر به آن باشد .چای یک منبع طبیعی از کافئین، تئوفیلین، تیانین و آنتی‌اکسیدان‌ها است.

Q: آیا میدانید...؟

برنج از مهم‌ترین غلات و اقلام غذایی جهان است. نیمی از جمعیت جهان، به برنج به عنوان یک غذای اصلی وابسته هستند. هم‌اکنون «ده‌ها هزار نوع برنج» در جهان وجود دارد، اما برنج ایرانی در ردیف بهترین انواع برنج قرار میگیرد.

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