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8 November 2017

Iran agronomy product

Iran agronomy product
Iran is the first country in the world that have started agronomy and the primitives started to agronomy and nurturing animals plateau for the first time in Iran.

Iran has high grade in some parts of agronomy and husbandry. According to 2007 statistics, Iran has second grade for cucumber production, fourth grade for almond production, fifth grade for apple, third grade for cherry and fig, first grade for pistachio, fourth grade for cantaloupe and walnut, second grade for apricot and date, fourth grade for chickpea, and fourth grade for watermelon.
Universal ranking of Iran in agronomy production:

  • First grade for producing: saffron, pistachio, caviar, barberry, and blackberry
  • Second grade for producing: apricot and date
  • Third grade for producing: watermelon, cherry, apple, cucumber, and cantaloupe
  • Fourth grade for producing: sheep, fruits, quince, wool, almond, and walnut
  • Fifth grade for producing: vegetables, fennel, and chickpea
  • Sixth grade for producing: nut, milk, cow, and tomato
  • Seventh grade for producing: grapes, onion, kiwi, and sheep milk
  • Eighth grade for producing: spices, peach, tangerine, lemon (yellow and green), orange, goat milk, pumpkin, gourd, and “kharjeh” a fruit which is in west of Azarbayjan
  • Ninth grade for producing: lentil
  • Tenth grade for producing: persimmon, tea, and honey

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