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8 November 2017

What is GAP or good agronomy stages

What is GAP or good agronomy stages?

GAP based on FAO viewpoint, agronomy department:

  • GAP is principles which will be applied before and after cropping and leads to the production of safe and healthy products with emphasis on economical, social, and biological aspects.GAP based on international standard of Iran viewpoint:
  • Total ways of agronomy with respect to biological, economical, and social stability preservation leads to safe and suitable production of nutrition and non-nutrition product.
  • In other words, all the principles relate to agronomy production management (like implant, reserve, cropper, separation, packing, impounding, and transportation) in the usage area with respect to economical, social, and biological factors for reduction of physical, chemical, and microbiological polluter which is necessary to reach the aim of safety and security of nutrition and other related items.What are the steps of good agronomy principles (GAP)?
  • Adjustment to environment
  • Guaranteeing the quality and safety of nutrition based on quality management system (QMS)
  • Feeling responsible to the social issues
  • Having benefits

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